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About CBD

Handmade Quality

We plant every seed, hand harvest and dry the hemp flower on our site.  We then extract the CBD to produce our oil and salves.  

Extraction and Manufacturing New Mexico Licenses

We are compliant with NM State laws and regulations. 

Our hemp is tested at multiple stages from the seed we plant to the product we make for residue solvent, microbes and potency.

All products meet all state requirements for hemp cannabis products.




The endocannabinoid system (ECS) in your body regulates many bodily functions, such as sleep, pain, mood, appetite and the immune system. Discovered in the 1990’s, cannabinoids are produced within the human body. CBD cannabinoids are able to assist in modulation of the ECS.

CBD cannabinoids are also found in carrots, cloves, black pepper, ginseng and Echinacea.

We use cold-pressed hemp seed oil as it is rich in omega-6 and omega-3 essential fatty acids and nutritious antioxidants.


Everyone has different metabolisms. Place and hold the oil under your tongue for 15-30 seconds. Wash down with water.

Example: Wt (lbs) * 0.25 = mg estimated daily use dose. 

(100 lbs person * 0.25 = 25 mg per day recommended)